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It's the 1st day of September and things weren't as good for me. First, I overslept and missed my 1st class. Sheesh, how responsible am I??? -_-;; Second, it's a scorching day and I have to walk like from Ateneo up to Katipunan. I though the unfortunate events will end here. Heck, I was wrong. Jason-niichan IM'ed me on Y!M and told me about the hate post on Hey! Say! JUMP. I hadn't wrote and argued with that user because I know for myself that I might say something way out of line and things might gone worse.  Anyway, I just have to post my rant about here. It maybe look like I'm coward but whatever. It's better to put in here rather than seeing myself writing a berserk post and risking myself violating a rule on Littlix.

When I first read what he/she (I don't care what is that person's gender is) wrote from Jason-niichan, I already told him that I will not retaliate back on what she said. For me, there's only one reason for that, and that is I'm getting tired of "lecturing" this kind of people. All I know is that they're immature and I must say, they're a bit suicidal.

Going back to that user, why write a lengthy post on how much you hate them rather than saying it straight-forwardly that you dislike them? It's like you're going in circles and not proving anything worthwhile. Another one is that you're not pointing out constructive criticisms there. All you're presenting to us are your judgments and negative connotations without further proof. Calling Chinen or Ryosuke as gay because of their high-pitched moves / hip rolls is a bit shallow. Is calling a guy a gay the best insult that you can get? How can you blame Chinen for having a high-pitched voice? It's on his genes, you should know that. Insulting Yamada for his hip rolls? Do you think that he was the one who choreographed it in the first place. I'm sorry, all you can blame for this "hateful rant" of yours is Johnny. He was the one who made it in the first place. But I doubt that he will listen to you. A tycoon like him will not listen anything unworthwhile as long as he's making business on it. If you still don't like them, then listen to your damn "likeable" Korean artists and drift off somewhere that we can't see your face or your written works. It's all just a matter of respect. If you don't like them, say it at once, then it's over. You don't need to hurt other people's feelings. We all have different tastes on things and we're not made to your own liking.

Whew. Is it that long? XDDD

Before I forget, tomorrow is Sarushi's bday ([livejournal.com profile] ushi_kun ). Hahahahaha. Oi~! Treat us here... xDDDD And you're as the same age as Rin. Wheee... I'm still younger than you two. LOL. *runs*


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