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Yamapi was my least favorite member in NEWS. I still like him, it's just that I love the other members (esp. Shige, Koyama & Massu) a lot more.

I won't ever, ever marry myself to Nino. I have the feeling that I might just strangle him when we live together.

Ohmiya is now one of my least favorite Arashi OTPs.

I don't like GD that much.

Super Junior-M is the only subgroup that keeps my attachment in Super Junior.

IDGAF on Sulli hate.

Hyoyeon and Song Hye Gyo still have similarities on their facial structures.

If I don't like a fandom it can mean a lot of things - the artist might not impress me at all (in terms of physical appearance, personality or talent), fandom is super crazy or a combination of both.

I don't buy usually buy merch unless it is worth it.

Yamachii fans drove me in leaving HSJ fandom.

I don't like Sho's scruffy look. Ever. 
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Yes. So here's my plan: 

-Finish my AB MEC degree
-Go to Korea and audition for SM
-If fortunate, I get to train and be on a group
-And even more fortunate, I want my "group" to debut in Japan

Well, it's just 4 steps - and sounds easy, right? Maybe not. And here's the catch, I can't sing well and I have no dancing experience. All I know is that I can rap and act to save my life. >.< So while finishing my degree, all I can do is practice and step up and learn everything from scratch. Yes, even Korean language.

So why did I choose Korea's SM rather than to be in Japan's agencies?

Simple. It's because I can't find a Japanese agency like JE.

Convo :

Person : Go and join H!P, they're the counterpart of JE, isn't it?
Me: No.

I refused because basically, ever since I've finished watching Marippe and Yuko Nakazawa's videos during Momosu's days, I didn't like H!P anymore. It dawned to me that I have no interest whatsoever left in this agency. I said to myself, it's Ken-On in Japan. But then looking at it, Ken-On really didn't focus much on the music industry, and I like to go, you know, a bit more musical. And I'm happy I've liked some SM artists like SHINee and SNSD (why it has to start with S?). Another reason is that if I'm given a chance, I want to debut on both Korea and Japan and that's what can SM do better than H!P or Ken-On (JE can do it, but wth, "I'm not a guy!)

You see, I'm like suicidal for dreaming something I know nothing of it. But hey, that's what makes life interesting to me.

I'm having LSS over this song. I swear, it's as contagious as Kitto Daijoubu of Arashi. Oh and SHINee's Choi Minho was there. In fact, his role was the girls' affection. I wanna join the fun and maybe put Daiki, Sho, Key and Jonghyun's pictures there as well. :)) Gosh, too many guys. >.< And I like Jessica and Tiffany! XDDD

Oh I saw a video of Sho doing a dance of Wonder Girls, I think. Gonna post that tomorrow.

LALALALALA~ Daiki reason

Comment: I hate whatever he's wearing there, but meh, that's Daiki. XDDD

19th reason: Daiki has height issues with himself.

I have this one too especially on SM guy idols because most of them are effin' tall (esp. Minho who's 6 ft at17). I find it cute especially on him because he's openly saying it to us. I want him to be taller but I don't want like Yabu's height or something, I can't imagine him that tall. Like I always say, "Penguins aren't meant to be tall." XDDD



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