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 Damn. Jonghyun is sick again. :( 

"5 members of SHINee were planning to perform the best stage for the debut in Japan, but JONGHYUN couldn’t participate in the LIVE Stage because of high fever. Thus SM staff decided to open the LIVE Stage with only 4 members. This decision is made for JONGHYUN’s health so we ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

Also relay of ‘SHINee JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION in LONDON’ in FACEBOOK SMTOWN will be postponed due to the situation. However, our staff will upload some parts of the LIVE Stage (video) as soon as possible (photos will be uploaded continuously).

We hope everyone can cheer JONGHYUN up and wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.
Thank you for reading and all your understanding.


source: SMTown FB page

Jjong, please get well soon. Get well soon not because of us, but because you're doing so for yourself. You've been straining yourself too much and it's making me hella worried. Somehow, I don't know what's really wrong - my friend pointed out once that there are celebrities who have even more hectic schedules than K-Pop idols and yet they don't get sick. I am really baffled about this though, she said it might be because of their diet but what whatever it is, I hope they can change it soon before all idols drop like dead flies. 
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I'm sorry guys, I'm too late for this, but whatever. School's started a while ago, it was not much, except that I got locked outside of my house because my unnie forgot that she both locked our glass door and steel grills while she was showering. I'm also kicking myself because I should've met with Jinni unnie instead of going straight home. D:

Realizations from last year )
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Yes, I'm LSS-ed over U-Kiss' Man Man Ha Ni. Key and Dongho's dancing to it is playing over and over in my head. XDDD

Credits: as tagged

It's ironic, the 2nd pic has its tag as "SpringKey" and yet, Minho was the one on it. XDDD
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So okay, I just got back from the Philippine-Korean Friendship concert and it was really worth it. I enjoyed most of the perfs and even we waited for like Shisus knows when, I don't regret going there and I thank Diana and her sisters for giving me this chance to see them live.

In love all over again )
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Both of my favorite groups are doing well on their musical endeavors and now that Arashi's debut CD is a decade old, I realized that all of my frustrations and disappointments comes from the fans in itself. Admittedly, I'm a semi-elitist fan myself, and sometimes I shun new fans because some tick me off on the wrong places. But then, it came to my senses that shunning them wouldn't be solving anything. I've seen immature fans for every fandom and it makes me think that sometimes, the fandom in itself is somehow at fault of creating this kind of fans. Personally, I believe that having a decent fanclub is a collective responsibility of both old and new fans - old fans should sometimes give a 'gentle' intervention to these fans by pointing out some of their mistakes, because if we just shun and just vent it out, it doesn't help the person to grow better as a fan adn thus, creates a never-ending cycle of mistakes can create undesirable effects on the long run. As for the new fans, try to become more sensitive with the actions. Not everything will be spoon-fed to you by the other fans. Sure, some will help you, but it will also be advantageous if you try to find things out by yourself. 

Another thing I've seen is that time is not the greatest factor to determine a fan's maturity and loyalty. Sure, it makes sense to us that experience is the best teacher and such, but I've seen old fans not growing to mature and loyal fans and vice versa. It's saddening that some old fans are avoiding new fans because they think they're all immature and not deserving and all that. Yes, some are like that, but just think: all of us came to a newbie phase in all of our fandoms, and if the older fans had this kind of thinking and avoided us from the beginning, are we going to be on the same position that we have now? :)

My goodness, I really can't write a short post. D:

Best of the Best of Both Fandoms )
credits to all who those uploaded the videos above and shakizi.com for this image. XDDD

Advanced happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] littlepianogirl  || Kaye. Ask permission to Key for Jjong. XDDD

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Yah, I'm just keeping it as simple as possible.

[livejournal.com profile] hanazawahyuuga  and Vren [livejournal.com profile] vrenille23 . Can't believe that you two share Key's bday. *hugs*

Whew. It's long and I haven't eaten dinner yet. DX So long everyone!
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Belated happy Easter to everyone! I wasn't able to post yesterday because I got very tired as my relatives went here. :) :)


Yes, I listen to fancovers and some users caught my attention whether in a good or bad way, but that's beyond the point. This girl sings Arashi songs and combines it with piano and other instruments. I swear, she's really good and this is a fancover should be, in my own and honest opinion. XDDD So if you want to be like her, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. I just want to have a voice like that; I'm so envious... T_T What's more, she's very down-to-earth, I've known some users who are good but heck they've somewhat got their fame on their heads, which is bad. X_X

Oh and classes will almost start and I still don't have my ID. Furthermore, I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO ON DAIKI'S BDAY! FAILLLL~! I'm so stupid, babo, baka or any translation of stupid or fool. Anyway, I will just post 2 Daiki reasons later here. :) :)

Mushy Much?

Apr. 6th, 2009 08:36 pm
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"We fight a hundred times, and our hearts breaks a hundred times
But like tangled pieces of string, our love can’t be pulled apart
We fix our faults, learn each other’s hearts
I know that one day, only our happiness will be left"

--Love's Way by SHINee

So this is what happens when I listen to too many mushy songs. I've tried to sing Arashi's Aozora Pedal (and failed miserably), listened to Tegomass' Kiss Kaerimichi no Love Song and lastly on SHINee's Love's Way. Obviously on the title of SHINee's song, I know well that it's a love song. Nevertheless, while reading the translation and listening to the song simultaneously, I somewhat cried. Maybe because of the sad meaning behind the song or Bling's voice on one line. Or maybe both. :))

It's Ryutaro's bday today! *confetti* I may not have the super liking for this kid and his subgroup, but hey, we both share the same liking: hamsters. And he's very young, I feel old suddenly. X_X

Image Heavy cut )Image Heavy cut )Image Heavy cut )Image Heavy cut )

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Yes. So here's my plan: 

-Finish my AB MEC degree
-Go to Korea and audition for SM
-If fortunate, I get to train and be on a group
-And even more fortunate, I want my "group" to debut in Japan

Well, it's just 4 steps - and sounds easy, right? Maybe not. And here's the catch, I can't sing well and I have no dancing experience. All I know is that I can rap and act to save my life. >.< So while finishing my degree, all I can do is practice and step up and learn everything from scratch. Yes, even Korean language.

So why did I choose Korea's SM rather than to be in Japan's agencies?

Simple. It's because I can't find a Japanese agency like JE.

Convo :

Person : Go and join H!P, they're the counterpart of JE, isn't it?
Me: No.

I refused because basically, ever since I've finished watching Marippe and Yuko Nakazawa's videos during Momosu's days, I didn't like H!P anymore. It dawned to me that I have no interest whatsoever left in this agency. I said to myself, it's Ken-On in Japan. But then looking at it, Ken-On really didn't focus much on the music industry, and I like to go, you know, a bit more musical. And I'm happy I've liked some SM artists like SHINee and SNSD (why it has to start with S?). Another reason is that if I'm given a chance, I want to debut on both Korea and Japan and that's what can SM do better than H!P or Ken-On (JE can do it, but wth, "I'm not a guy!)

You see, I'm like suicidal for dreaming something I know nothing of it. But hey, that's what makes life interesting to me.

I'm having LSS over this song. I swear, it's as contagious as Kitto Daijoubu of Arashi. Oh and SHINee's Choi Minho was there. In fact, his role was the girls' affection. I wanna join the fun and maybe put Daiki, Sho, Key and Jonghyun's pictures there as well. :)) Gosh, too many guys. >.< And I like Jessica and Tiffany! XDDD

Oh I saw a video of Sho doing a dance of Wonder Girls, I think. Gonna post that tomorrow.

LALALALALA~ Daiki reason

Comment: I hate whatever he's wearing there, but meh, that's Daiki. XDDD

19th reason: Daiki has height issues with himself.

I have this one too especially on SM guy idols because most of them are effin' tall (esp. Minho who's 6 ft at17). I find it cute especially on him because he's openly saying it to us. I want him to be taller but I don't want like Yabu's height or something, I can't imagine him that tall. Like I always say, "Penguins aren't meant to be tall." XDDD


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Yesterday evening, I was clicking some pages of a Key thread. I kept some of the pics and well, as expected, I flailed on it even though it's very late at night.

bsjkfdhgoejrdsbhgdsjhtryportjblcgjhdojhpfgjhpr. The 2 SHINee Kim's: Jonghyun and Kibum. X_X I'm speechless. Just don't let these two be beside each other, or else I will lose my eternal soul for life. :)) Oh and Key's pose suddenly reminded me of Shun Oguri. I think it's because I came upon a Shun pic with the similar pose? I really don't know. FFAAIILL~ And did you notice, Jonghyun has a mole right about on his collarbone? Okay, sorry for pointing that out, blame my eyes. T_T Oh and I woke up with this as the first thing I saw:

My SHINee partner-in-crime/daughter/Taemin's wife [livejournal.com profile] massacred_doll gave it to me last night. And yes, this is my current wallpaper on my cell phone. I'm feeling giddy here, btw. :))

So anyway, rant time!

I can't help but writing this... )
Sue my long two cents. :| On a lighter note, here's Daiki's 17th reason!

SHINee Smile? Nah, it's Daiki! )

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Aigooo~ I'm loving Jonghyun with one of the fics up in SHINee.net forum. I'm also thinking of having an Iple account. XDDDD Oh FYI, I still have Key as my SHINee, ichiban. XDDD

Speaking of Korean entertainment, there’s this thread on a SHINee forum on asking, which version of HYD is better: Taiwanese, Japanese or Korean. As to be expected, a lot voted for the Korean version but a good number also voted for the Japanese one. Meh, of course I voted for the Japanese one.

Maybe people can say that I voted for the Japanese version because I’m biased as MatsuJun was there. Well maybe they are partially right. Nevertheless, that’s not the sole or major reason of picking HYD over BOF/BBF.

Observing the people’s answers on that thread, most people who voted on the Japanese ver are those who had really watched all of the 3 vers or at some, even read the manga. Personally, I read the manga and comparing to the J-drama, the drama was very similar to the manga. Watching HYD, I felt that the manga characters were really brought to life especially Makino. I have to say that I’m really impressed on the 1st season of HYD because in a matter of 9 episodes, they really showed the essential parts of the story and it didn’t go as dragging compared to what I’ve experienced on Meteor Garden.

Another point is that I’ve said is that the Japanese actors were better at portraying their respective roles. Not to degrade BBF but Jandi really fell behind my expectations as the “weed” of the elite school where she was in. There’s this one person said that there are more JandixJiHoo (MakinoxRui) moments than JandixJunPyo (MakinoxTsukasa). I agree with that at some point and that’s where the chemistry of the 2 main characters comes in. For HYD, Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumoto had really this strong chemistry within them and every time I watch their “hardship” scenes, I always feel that desire for them that everything will pass and they will get together again. As for the JunPyoxJandi, I didn’t feel it that much which I find really sad because BBF really has to revolve around the story of these 2 teen-agers. The only thing I’m disappointed in HYD is that the SoujirouxYuki love story wasn’t really developed that much. Why oh why. D: D:

Nevertheless, BBF had better-looking actors as F4. No offense, but I don’t like Tsuyoshi Abe the first time I saw him (but I like him now. XDDD) Also, the Korean version is not that bad considering it entertained me and I flailed a lot of times on Yi Jeong (he’s hot).

Didn’t you notice that I never touched the OST part? Well, I don’t want to comment on that as both Arashi and SHINee both contributed on their respective HYD versions (but Arashi’s part is bigger as theirs were the opening songs whereas to SHINee’s – theirs was only the insert song).

OMO OMO, I ranted too much over HYD and BBF.Now can we just go to the penguin?!


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Before anything else, I will say to those who will read this, the entry is a bit more image-heavy than the usual. Furthermore, I will do the Daiki reason first as opposed of putting in to as the last part which is what I did it in the past number of reasons.

15th reason: Daiki loves rollercoasters.

 Magazine interviews and TV shows support this reason. Ask Inoo and Yamada and they will tell you the same thing. Remember how Daiki chased Inoo for 20 mins in order for them to ride the roller coaster? Also, reading this 100 Question interview with Daiki:

 “What can you apologize now: I forced Yamada to go on an extreme machine (ie roller coasters) and made him cry. Twice.”

 So there. We both love amusement parks and riding roller coasters which is weird for me because I have fear of heights.

Other ramblings:

credits to [livejournal.com profile] sumoboy 

Asejopsgjdprhjpfhj[rftjupo. I haven’t seen this scan yet! WTH. I FAIL. ONEW AND AIBA’s EPIC FAIL ARE CONTAGIOUS. Well, what I’ve got to say? Sho’s hot and he, together with Doronjo (Kyoko Fukuda) is soooo nice. I like them to be like this, and I’m saying that they look good with each other. *hinthint*


Another flailing

credits to: vanillafrog@SHINee.net, Marie Claire, KST, TalkPlayLove, Hyun-Ni.sa

ARGH. Jonghyun, such a tease. I'm gonna die now because of you. From now on, I’m gonna call you Mr. Cassanova. Don’t pull me out from liking Key. T_T


Whew. Loonnnng post and too much nosebleed. I shall stop this with this picture!

credits to: kimsoowon@Photobucket and Minces_579@SHINee.net

Yeah, a very little chibi pic of one of my ichiban. Guess who. *runs*

I can't my post this into an LJ-cut today. WHYYYY~!?





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I really, really want to learn how to dance Replay of SHINee. X_X

So yes, I was out yesterday night. I went to my friend's debut and it sort of a reunion for me and my high school friends because this is the first time we were together ever since we're college students. Looking at it, I realized that I missed them I lot. They didn't change a lot - their immature side is still within them which I find nice because they're still the same people with when I was in high school.

Here's what I look like:

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I need to post an entry early because I will be out for the night. I have a date with DaiKey. Lol. Just kidding. I'm gonna attend my friend's 18th bday. :)


Okay, I admit, I'm silently flailing on them today. A.Mi.Go had been my song ever since I woke up at 7 am. XDDD

Before going to Daiki's 7th reason, I will post a meme here.

Hajiman sexy~ )

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I'm in a hurry, so I will post Daiki's 6th reason already.

6th reason: Daiki is like a baby when he sleeps.

IDK why, I like guys who sleeps very soundly. Well, if you watched MNSB and UMP makings, you will know that Daiki is like that. Oh well, doesn't he look like a cute baby when he sleeps?

Okay, I really need to go now. Bai bai! Comments are <3333!

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So this is Jonghyun or Bling Bling of SHINee singing Incomplete by Sisqo. His voice is soooo niceeee. And not bad for his English either. Darn, he really looks like Key. T_T

Stop the SHINee madness for now. I shall rant over something. This won't take long.
Use your mind, like srsly )
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Sorry for that. I just love what he said. :)) So for anyone that is not in touch with them, here's a video. He's the one in the maid costume. :))


credits to: shineesubs02@Youtube

A.Mi.Go and Daiki's 4th reason )A.Mi.Go and Daiki's 4th reason )A.Mi.Go and Daiki's 4th reason )


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So yeah, to start of my post again, I shall ramble again about SHINee. :))

Alex,[livejournal.com profile] massacred_doll gave me a link to a SHINee pimp post and I found out from there that it was Key and BlingBling that I liked from them. I also like Taemin but what the hell, he's the same age as Yamada. TT_TT

Anyway, I asked[livejournal.com profile] keeconk aka Mama to give me three guys for the fuck, marry, kill meme, so yeah, I shall do this.

My own marry, fuck and kill meme )My own marry, fuck and kill meme )My own marry, fuck and kill meme )


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