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-First they kicked off the "Sweet" theme with Jrs singing Love So Sweet. Omg, I so love their version. Two thumbs up for them. :) :)

-HS7 Medley was nice too. Oh and Ryuu's solo dance was too awesome. Never knew that kid could dance like that. :)

-Is Chinen wearing a moon necklace?

-HSJ's Memories was great too. I'm just gonna kill that someone who put Daiki at one end and made him stand beside Yabu. It emphasizes on how short he is. :| :| Nevertheless, DaiChii love was on the air during that song. :) :)

-Yamada, you're oh-so-cute at failing to imitate Hikaru. Oh and stupid cameraman, you didn't focus Daiki that much. D: D: D:

-Today's Nekketsu Jr. League was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Musical chairsxJrs = love. I wished that Kawai was still on the game when Arashi's Wish was played. Oh and was it Miyata who won the seat for the 3rd point? XDDD

-Who is that Hey! Say! 7 West member who had like vampire tooth on Kansai's Jr. Ni Q Special? 

-Akun's lovey-dovey action with Koyama was like oh-my-god. Is this a fic-worthy pair? XDDD

-I find Maru's dance on "One Drop" as weird.

- I want to kiss Daiki through our TV.

-Where's Casey? He's not with Taiga anymore. *sobs*

-Kis-My-Calling (is that the title?) was awesome. Fujigaya was soooo hyper (well, as expected from him. XDD).

***I shall flail more but I can't think of more coherent sentences, so let's just end it here***.

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To answer my own question above, I seriously don't know. My pc's still dead and I have a paper due on Thursday. Oh well, I have my ideas written on a piece of paper or something.

So what I shall write? Oh the SC yesterday.

I'M SPEECHLESS. Well not really. I'm just awe-struck on SC yesterday. DAIKI is <333333.  And I still demand another Daiki solo. I NEED IT. EVERYONE NEEDS IT. LOLLLL~!

If Yamada can lift Daiki, then it means he can lift me??? XDD *puppydogeyes* Okay, I shall shut up so I shall not be killed by Angie and other Yamada fans. :))

Oh can someone tell me where are the HSB's outfits hidden? I'm seriously taking it. Those were so niceeeee~!

I loved Nekketsu yesterday but why it's so short? And I love the Jr Ni Q though they're really desperate to have it longer than the usual. :))



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Yoshi! My pc’s up and running again. XDDD I kind of miss to write long blog entries because for the past few days; I’ve been writing short ones because there’s a “time limit” when using my sister’s pc.

The 1st Shokura for May was aired yesterday and you can’t see Hey! Say! BEST any where. TT_TT Though they’re not there, the other sub-group of HSJ, the Hey! Say! 7 were present and made me a little bit more cheerful. =) They sang Hey! Say! and I was glad that they made it to a point that Yuto and the others were singing live at that time[or was I wrong??? TT.TT].

To tell you the truth, this is the 1st Shokura that I somewhat forgot that HSJ were barely there. Kind of contradicting on my 1st paragraph, deshou? Well yeah, I was sad that HSB weren’t there and HS7 sang only once but the Jr’s made me forgot them for half an hour. XDDD

What made me demented on yesterday’s Shokura were Nekketsu, Jr Ni Q and Taipi’s singing Maria . TT_TT Well on Nekketsu, I didn’t side with any team because Shoon and Taipi were on different group. XDDD I was talking to Marchy on the phone while watching it and we were like fascinated with Shoon’s outfit[hehehe…. he’s an oujisama!!!] And what made me crazy when Taipi was holding hands with a certain Jr on Nekketsu. I told Marchy that guy is already on my blacklist. Nyahahahaha, I know, I’m so evil, right???? XDDDD

Then… Jr Ni Q. Omg. I didn’t have the luxury to see it clearly because I was talking on the phone at that time.[screw you Wumbo!!! Kidding!] Oh well, the 1st one to be called was Hasshi. Gahd, Marchy and I were like…”Hasshi, you’re not 14, you can’t be!!!!’ He’s so mature looking and not to mention.. atsui!!! Nyahahaha. If Takaki reads this, he will kill me for sure. Next one is Morimoto Ryu--- I mean, Shintaro. He’s really cute and I remember the fight scene on HSJ’s con when he was shouting “Niichan, tasukete!!!” Waaaa! Hontou ni kawaii!!! Ok I will stop now. He’s one of Dai-chan’s sons. XDDDD

The last one was Taisuke and others were singing a medley[am I right??? Baka!] Oh well, the only thing I care about was when Taipi already appeared and sang MARIA, I am hyperventilating and Marchy was like…”Bea, magsalita ka!!!!!” [“Bea, speak up!!!”] But hell, I wasn’t able to speak and I am really ready to throw the remote control of our TV to Taipi at that time. And I noticed I have an uncanny skill to see my ichibans even the lights are off. Yes, I recognize Taipi in the dark… isn’t that amazing??? XDDD

Ok… I will stop for now. Here’s a li’l slogan taken from Marsky and it’s a crack.


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