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Yes, I'm LSS-ed over U-Kiss' Man Man Ha Ni. Key and Dongho's dancing to it is playing over and over in my head. XDDD

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It's ironic, the 2nd pic has its tag as "SpringKey" and yet, Minho was the one on it. XDDD

Mushy Much?

Apr. 6th, 2009 08:36 pm
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"We fight a hundred times, and our hearts breaks a hundred times
But like tangled pieces of string, our love can’t be pulled apart
We fix our faults, learn each other’s hearts
I know that one day, only our happiness will be left"

--Love's Way by SHINee

So this is what happens when I listen to too many mushy songs. I've tried to sing Arashi's Aozora Pedal (and failed miserably), listened to Tegomass' Kiss Kaerimichi no Love Song and lastly on SHINee's Love's Way. Obviously on the title of SHINee's song, I know well that it's a love song. Nevertheless, while reading the translation and listening to the song simultaneously, I somewhat cried. Maybe because of the sad meaning behind the song or Bling's voice on one line. Or maybe both. :))

It's Ryutaro's bday today! *confetti* I may not have the super liking for this kid and his subgroup, but hey, we both share the same liking: hamsters. And he's very young, I feel old suddenly. X_X

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"You are my flower because you always blossomed in my heart." --Minho

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *dies* Key, you're my SHINee ichiban but Minho just hit me there on the spot. :))

Okay, 11th reason for Daiki!

11th reason: He has beautiful eyes.

They say, eyes are like the windows of the soul. Well, I don't know if it holds true for all of us, but I certainly like guys with beautiful eyes. He has those big, shiny eyes that "twinkles" everytime he smiles. LOL. Oh well, one thing's for sure, I can stare at his eyes for a whole day.


Sorry if it's very late. Comments are <3333


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