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I'm supposed to post a Key vid right now but I'm in a hurry and [livejournal.com profile] ynlover is making me guilty right now. So I guess, I will do it tomorrow. XDDD But this girl likes Jonghyun now. Gahd. SHINee virus!

Making this quick...

10th reason: Daiki has hidden potential

I've been talking about this on Osay today and we both agree on this about Daiki. If Johnny will give him the chance like Yamada does have now, he can do it nicely than people expect from him at present. He's been in Japan showbiz for a long time and I guess he already knows the twists and turns of it, all he needs is a big oppurtunity. Who knows, surprisingly he can be like Jun being practically a "nobody" in JE to a celebrity.

I shall stop now. Comments are <3333.

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I always start a SHINee rant and end with Daiki. What's wrong with me nowadays? :))


[livejournal.com profile] massacred_doll welcomed me to SHINee fandom and it was sweet for her to do that. Awww~ *hugs* And this pic is from her.


KEYYYYY~! *dies*

So anyway, got to end this short post

3rd reason: Daiki is good at relating with his groupmates.

Well, it's just my opinion, but haven't you noticed that even though he usually hangs out with Inoo/Hikaru, he can also be with the rest of the members? I remember Chinen saying that when he's down, Daiki will ask him "Chinen, what's wrong?" in a gentle and kind manner. Nevertheless, he might be gentle and yet he can be very hyper too. Just ask Yamada and he will tell you the "famous-Daiki-poking-Yamada's-butt" incident on Hey! Say! PV making.

I shall stop this crap. Comments are <3333333.

PS: Get well soon Yuto :)

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So yeah, to start of my post again, I shall ramble again about SHINee. :))

Alex,[livejournal.com profile] massacred_doll gave me a link to a SHINee pimp post and I found out from there that it was Key and BlingBling that I liked from them. I also like Taemin but what the hell, he's the same age as Yamada. TT_TT

Anyway, I asked[livejournal.com profile] keeconk aka Mama to give me three guys for the fuck, marry, kill meme, so yeah, I shall do this.

My own marry, fuck and kill meme )My own marry, fuck and kill meme )My own marry, fuck and kill meme )


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