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So okay, I just got back from the Philippine-Korean Friendship concert and it was really worth it. I enjoyed most of the perfs and even we waited for like Shisus knows when, I don't regret going there and I thank Diana and her sisters for giving me this chance to see them live.

In love all over again )
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Another freaking hot day. WTH. It just rained last evening here. Hard. I can see the lightning from our bedroom. Kowaii.

Yes, I'm pretty stupid to forget to greet Fukka yesterday [Andrea must had whacked me]. Sooooooo... Belated Happy Birthday Fukka! Yes, he's 16 already. Yama-chan's bday will be like 3 days away. KYAAAA

Well since Sunday, I've been flailing for Pudgygaea aka Taipi. And yes, he's like my avatar on my Y!M account and some of my friends are curious if  I'm going to replace Sho or Daiki or Yabu for that matter. The answer??? HELL NOOOOOOOO.  All of them are my ichibans  and I don't have the heart to just give just one of them my total attention and abandoning the other three. That's like a spirit-breaker or something. XDDDD

Oh yeah, back to Pudgy.

Wumbo aka [profile] marchechizen and I were chatting on Y!M yesterday and she gave me a link to Lhukhe's Multiply site and lo!!!!! It's a video of an old Shokura with Taisuke and Koki together rapping. Oh yesh. Taipi's hontou ni atsui that it made me flail again. Screw Taipi, he did that 'ero ero dance' thing again. TT_TT

Oh.. here's the vid I'm talking about.... Dozou!

To prove my point he's hot... here's my avatar in Y!M.

credits to: Sandwichie's Vox

If you want minna, go to that Vox and look to other Taipi's pics. Mecha mecha kakoii/kawaii/atsui!!

EDIT: This is way toooo random but I've posted the crack on Kou-chan aka. Yabu. Dozou!! XDD


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