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I just watched the last ep. of ST. It's a bit dramatic and comedic on the end.

Screencaps! Sorry if they're LQ though

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Comments are <333. *hugs*

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"I''ll go anywhere, I'll do anything
I'll be there 'cause you are the part of my life
I''ll go anywhere, I'll do anything
I'll be there for you."
---- Arashi's "Paretto"

So I guess, Ohno's scandal is starting to be a big thing ne.

The "weed" issue didn't have a big impact on me, the one that shocked me was about the threesome thing. It bothered me because it had pictures on it. Don't get me wrong, from my perspective, it looks like Ohno but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt at this time.

It's just crazy. Really crazy. Why do they have to put up a picture that was taken a long long time ago and publish it to media??? If they want to ruin Arashi, they could've done it years ago. But maybe, they shown it just this year because Arashi's career is in boom right now. Sheesh. Now I know that even crab mentality exists on Japanese entertainment.

What did Arashi do to these people to make them hate so much and post these kind of things? Come on, if they want to have a big amount of moolah in their hands, go and find an informing topic instead. Don't ruin other people's image. It's annoying.

I though Aiba's scandal before was the last one on Arashi. No pa pala. Aren't they satisfied that they almost ruined Arashi and made them a 4 member group only?? Maybe the are really people that will do everything they'd get to go to the top even if it means to hurt//ruin someone.

My Machan, [profile] ai_baka and Jamie-neechan texted me to go to a website to show some support on Ohno and Arashi. So, if you like your point of views to be read, go to this link:

Kotoba no Chikara ~ the Power of Words~

That site has the websites on where you can post how you'd like Arashi to be on their shows, products, etc.

Apparently, Ohno's AU's CM was not being aired because there's a lot of hate mail going to AU that they want him to be removed. >.<

I wonder what is Chinen doing and how he feels today now that there is a scandal on his ever-beloved senpai/idol. Poor Chii. I hope this bad storm will die soon. :) :)

Oh, and if you're still awake at 11 pm, play Love So Sweet in your players ne? :) Domo.


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