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Yamapi was my least favorite member in NEWS. I still like him, it's just that I love the other members (esp. Shige, Koyama & Massu) a lot more.

I won't ever, ever marry myself to Nino. I have the feeling that I might just strangle him when we live together.

Ohmiya is now one of my least favorite Arashi OTPs.

I don't like GD that much.

Super Junior-M is the only subgroup that keeps my attachment in Super Junior.

IDGAF on Sulli hate.

Hyoyeon and Song Hye Gyo still have similarities on their facial structures.

If I don't like a fandom it can mean a lot of things - the artist might not impress me at all (in terms of physical appearance, personality or talent), fandom is super crazy or a combination of both.

I don't buy usually buy merch unless it is worth it.

Yamachii fans drove me in leaving HSJ fandom.

I don't like Sho's scruffy look. Ever. 
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I'm sorry guys, I'm too late for this, but whatever. School's started a while ago, it was not much, except that I got locked outside of my house because my unnie forgot that she both locked our glass door and steel grills while she was showering. I'm also kicking myself because I should've met with Jinni unnie instead of going straight home. D:

Realizations from last year )
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Both of my favorite groups are doing well on their musical endeavors and now that Arashi's debut CD is a decade old, I realized that all of my frustrations and disappointments comes from the fans in itself. Admittedly, I'm a semi-elitist fan myself, and sometimes I shun new fans because some tick me off on the wrong places. But then, it came to my senses that shunning them wouldn't be solving anything. I've seen immature fans for every fandom and it makes me think that sometimes, the fandom in itself is somehow at fault of creating this kind of fans. Personally, I believe that having a decent fanclub is a collective responsibility of both old and new fans - old fans should sometimes give a 'gentle' intervention to these fans by pointing out some of their mistakes, because if we just shun and just vent it out, it doesn't help the person to grow better as a fan adn thus, creates a never-ending cycle of mistakes can create undesirable effects on the long run. As for the new fans, try to become more sensitive with the actions. Not everything will be spoon-fed to you by the other fans. Sure, some will help you, but it will also be advantageous if you try to find things out by yourself. 

Another thing I've seen is that time is not the greatest factor to determine a fan's maturity and loyalty. Sure, it makes sense to us that experience is the best teacher and such, but I've seen old fans not growing to mature and loyal fans and vice versa. It's saddening that some old fans are avoiding new fans because they think they're all immature and not deserving and all that. Yes, some are like that, but just think: all of us came to a newbie phase in all of our fandoms, and if the older fans had this kind of thinking and avoided us from the beginning, are we going to be on the same position that we have now? :)

My goodness, I really can't write a short post. D:

Best of the Best of Both Fandoms )
credits to all who those uploaded the videos above and shakizi.com for this image. XDDD

Advanced happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] littlepianogirl  || Kaye. Ask permission to Key for Jjong. XDDD

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Yes, the mega popular JE group is now officially a senpai. Uwee! *confetti* To add more to it, CDTV ranked them as the #1 artist that Japanese people would want to see live. THSK gained the 2nd place. What's sad to it is that some Cassies are bashing them and questioning why they are on the top while THSK is so much better.

Re(mark)able Answer )
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How can someone smile like there's no tomorrow while being dragged by a giant guy? I just can't understand Onew. Oh well, he has his Almighty Onew Sangtae and that's something that I don't possess.

Oh and is someone on my f-list experienced playing Dream Day Wedding? I'm currently playing the Honeymoon edition, and last night, here's the list:

Just look at the encircled word. XDDDD

Oh and [livejournal.com profile] matjnatk uploaded an Arashi chibi video and I was laughing at how much Jun changed in less than a decade. During their debut, he said he want to be Comedy Leader which of course never happened because he's now a Do S. And looking at it, their faces didn't change much but it's evident that they're not that "glued" together when they just debuted. Which for some twist of fate,eventually,  they became very close. XDDD And I somewhat saved an Arashi secret on [livejournal.com profile] je_secrets .

Yes, and that's exactly what is Arashi's charm for me. They can inspire people to go on with their lives and do better. If it wasn't for them, I will not have a more positive outlook on life and Sho's the one keeping me to go on with my studies. Uh-oh, here comes my bias again. :))


28th reason: Daiki is being bullied by Yamada.

Ah~ Yamadai. They're one of my closet OTP's. Just don't let Yamada be alone or else, I will have this, "Yamada dislike mode" again. Anywa
y, being bullied is not good, I know but the fact he's okay being chummy with someone younger and all, I find it very funny. That's go to show that he can really relate good with other people regardless of what their age is.

Did I make sense? Oh well, I gotta go! XDDD

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I'm late for this because I don't feel like typing anything today. I'm soooo lazy. Well, maybe I'm stalling again because these are the days that I will rarely have to do anything. :)) In April 15 (yes, Daiki's bday), my summer classes will now start. T_T Bummer. Of all the days that my classes can start, why it has to be Daiki's bday? OMO OMO, fate must be against me these days.

Oh. There had been changes here. I've changed my icons, profile layouts and my FO banners. Uwee~! I've combined my 4 fandoms together. :)

Happy 16th birthday to Hikaru's kawaii Engrish boy, Okamoto Keito. I still find his Johnny's entry questionable and I certainly believe that he could be much much better if he had been a Johnny's Jr longer, but that's beside the point. Whatever it is, I'm still happy that he's having great determination not because to be the best Johnny artist but the best Okamoto Keito that he can be. I hope his presence will be felt more as the years go by. Besides from that, I duly think that as HSJ grows older (as well as the fangirls), his name won't be connected much to his father. :)



18th reason: He's naughty

Naughty might be a bad word for some of us, but I think this reason ties up with the one being him as a hyper guy. He likes pulling pranks or scaring people. Just like Keito in their DCT making. He pointed a water gun on him and Keito was like.. "waaah". I think his little gestures are ways of showing his love and affection towards the members (well, sort of).

I'm kind of having a bad day. T_T I liked the newest fanfic that I read but Key died there. *sobs*

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Yesterday evening, I was clicking some pages of a Key thread. I kept some of the pics and well, as expected, I flailed on it even though it's very late at night.

bsjkfdhgoejrdsbhgdsjhtryportjblcgjhdojhpfgjhpr. The 2 SHINee Kim's: Jonghyun and Kibum. X_X I'm speechless. Just don't let these two be beside each other, or else I will lose my eternal soul for life. :)) Oh and Key's pose suddenly reminded me of Shun Oguri. I think it's because I came upon a Shun pic with the similar pose? I really don't know. FFAAIILL~ And did you notice, Jonghyun has a mole right about on his collarbone? Okay, sorry for pointing that out, blame my eyes. T_T Oh and I woke up with this as the first thing I saw:

My SHINee partner-in-crime/daughter/Taemin's wife [livejournal.com profile] massacred_doll gave it to me last night. And yes, this is my current wallpaper on my cell phone. I'm feeling giddy here, btw. :))

So anyway, rant time!

I can't help but writing this... )
Sue my long two cents. :| On a lighter note, here's Daiki's 17th reason!

SHINee Smile? Nah, it's Daiki! )

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Aigooo~ I'm loving Jonghyun with one of the fics up in SHINee.net forum. I'm also thinking of having an Iple account. XDDDD Oh FYI, I still have Key as my SHINee, ichiban. XDDD

Speaking of Korean entertainment, there’s this thread on a SHINee forum on asking, which version of HYD is better: Taiwanese, Japanese or Korean. As to be expected, a lot voted for the Korean version but a good number also voted for the Japanese one. Meh, of course I voted for the Japanese one.

Maybe people can say that I voted for the Japanese version because I’m biased as MatsuJun was there. Well maybe they are partially right. Nevertheless, that’s not the sole or major reason of picking HYD over BOF/BBF.

Observing the people’s answers on that thread, most people who voted on the Japanese ver are those who had really watched all of the 3 vers or at some, even read the manga. Personally, I read the manga and comparing to the J-drama, the drama was very similar to the manga. Watching HYD, I felt that the manga characters were really brought to life especially Makino. I have to say that I’m really impressed on the 1st season of HYD because in a matter of 9 episodes, they really showed the essential parts of the story and it didn’t go as dragging compared to what I’ve experienced on Meteor Garden.

Another point is that I’ve said is that the Japanese actors were better at portraying their respective roles. Not to degrade BBF but Jandi really fell behind my expectations as the “weed” of the elite school where she was in. There’s this one person said that there are more JandixJiHoo (MakinoxRui) moments than JandixJunPyo (MakinoxTsukasa). I agree with that at some point and that’s where the chemistry of the 2 main characters comes in. For HYD, Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumoto had really this strong chemistry within them and every time I watch their “hardship” scenes, I always feel that desire for them that everything will pass and they will get together again. As for the JunPyoxJandi, I didn’t feel it that much which I find really sad because BBF really has to revolve around the story of these 2 teen-agers. The only thing I’m disappointed in HYD is that the SoujirouxYuki love story wasn’t really developed that much. Why oh why. D: D:

Nevertheless, BBF had better-looking actors as F4. No offense, but I don’t like Tsuyoshi Abe the first time I saw him (but I like him now. XDDD) Also, the Korean version is not that bad considering it entertained me and I flailed a lot of times on Yi Jeong (he’s hot).

Didn’t you notice that I never touched the OST part? Well, I don’t want to comment on that as both Arashi and SHINee both contributed on their respective HYD versions (but Arashi’s part is bigger as theirs were the opening songs whereas to SHINee’s – theirs was only the insert song).

OMO OMO, I ranted too much over HYD and BBF.Now can we just go to the penguin?!


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Before anything else, I will say to those who will read this, the entry is a bit more image-heavy than the usual. Furthermore, I will do the Daiki reason first as opposed of putting in to as the last part which is what I did it in the past number of reasons.

15th reason: Daiki loves rollercoasters.

 Magazine interviews and TV shows support this reason. Ask Inoo and Yamada and they will tell you the same thing. Remember how Daiki chased Inoo for 20 mins in order for them to ride the roller coaster? Also, reading this 100 Question interview with Daiki:

 “What can you apologize now: I forced Yamada to go on an extreme machine (ie roller coasters) and made him cry. Twice.”

 So there. We both love amusement parks and riding roller coasters which is weird for me because I have fear of heights.

Other ramblings:

credits to [livejournal.com profile] sumoboy 

Asejopsgjdprhjpfhj[rftjupo. I haven’t seen this scan yet! WTH. I FAIL. ONEW AND AIBA’s EPIC FAIL ARE CONTAGIOUS. Well, what I’ve got to say? Sho’s hot and he, together with Doronjo (Kyoko Fukuda) is soooo nice. I like them to be like this, and I’m saying that they look good with each other. *hinthint*


Another flailing

credits to: vanillafrog@SHINee.net, Marie Claire, KST, TalkPlayLove, Hyun-Ni.sa

ARGH. Jonghyun, such a tease. I'm gonna die now because of you. From now on, I’m gonna call you Mr. Cassanova. Don’t pull me out from liking Key. T_T


Whew. Loonnnng post and too much nosebleed. I shall stop this with this picture!

credits to: kimsoowon@Photobucket and Minces_579@SHINee.net

Yeah, a very little chibi pic of one of my ichiban. Guess who. *runs*

I can't my post this into an LJ-cut today. WHYYYY~!?





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credits to: subARASHIx5@Youtube

credits to: sawatanesk@Youtube

I just want to start my post with full of randomness. Oh goodness, Sho's one of the Japanese with great English. :)) And to [livejournal.com profile] massacred_doll, Nino's here. :))

credits to: Shohnogan@Youtube


JANG JANG JANG! Daiki Reason!

14th reason: Daiki's sweet.

I don't know if it makes sense for all of us, but reading some of his interviews, he's kind of "romantic" . One interview he said he wants a girl to have a music player on her bag and then he will put its earphones on his ear and the other one to the girl. UWAAAA~! Okay, I may be too spazzy on this. Another thing is that he said that at the end of the "date", he wants to go to beach to watch the sunset. XDDDDD That's soooo niceee~! Well, that's just me. *dodges knives everywhere*

I SHALL GO NOW. Comments are <33333!

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I really, really want to learn how to dance Replay of SHINee. X_X

So yes, I was out yesterday night. I went to my friend's debut and it sort of a reunion for me and my high school friends because this is the first time we were together ever since we're college students. Looking at it, I realized that I missed them I lot. They didn't change a lot - their immature side is still within them which I find nice because they're still the same people with when I was in high school.

Here's what I look like:

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Now, if anyone will read this and be angry for some reason, you're an effin loser, you know. How can someone be angry because of *twilrs* and *runs* or something similar to that and claiming that you're the only one that can use it? Are you the inventor of that concept? :| Look, even Shakespeare or Doyle or Rowling or Meyer can't claim words. -_-;;

So anyway, going back that my hell week is now over, basically, I'm so happy about it. At least I have some time to rest my poor brain. XDDD

Sho's bday is just 2 days away. I don't know how to make something for him - maybe a picspam or something. And I need to go to New York for him. XDDD Why do you have to go to NY when you can go here (maybe to my uni, perhaps).

HSJ fandom is quiet these days. Oh well, those guys need a rest once in a while, they're just normal teen-agers after all. I wonder how's the penguin doing these days. DAIKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~!

Oh and did you know that last Jan 20 was Penguin Awareness Day? XDDD

Pic of a penguin:

See that? Daiki will be my hot driver. I remember Hiro on MCNS, he's such a hot butler. I wish I will be the one that Daiki will be with in a car. XDDD


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I haven't written for a week. Sue my studies. XDDD


Reprinted pics given to me by 

[livejournal.com profile] ialem_yuki for my bday (well I requested to her to give it to me in advance, so yeah). XDDD Cute, ne? 

Some say that I usually molest or raep my JE goods... well maybe I shall agree. XDDD



See. Oh well, how can I help it. I like Daiki's pic. XDDD

Oh and happy birthday to you [livejournal.com profile] karmoisin on Monday. I shall give to you my Yabu love on your birthday. XDDDD

PS: I can't think for my Lit paper. XDDDD

Bai bai! XDDD


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Since, I flailed too much on Sho yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] aishiteruyuto and [livejournal.com profile] ialem_yuki panicked and thought that I don't love Daiki anymore. So, Caye made me an edited pic of Daiki.

Such a cute pic ne? XDDD

Gosh, classes are on Monday. I haven't read my Lit story. *gets whacked*

Oh, happy 18th bday to [livejournal.com profile] marchechizen . You're getting older ne. Thanks for the times we shared. :)

This is me when I have nothing to do:

Yes, vanity strikes (or isn't)? I just imagine that the pillow is Daiki or Sho. *bricked*

Hichannnnnnn aka [livejournal.com profile] ya3fan , welcome to my LJ! *twirls*

Okay, shall end this crap. Bai bai! *hugs*
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I shall start my first entry of 2009 with Countdown pics. My goodness, I rarely see JunxJin being touchy or whatever you might call it. Look at the last pic. TakaBu moments. XDDD I'm sure Sara is happy about this.

Personally, I find this countdown a bit boring than last year's. All of them are like very tired and drawn out. Or I can blame it maybe on the songs' lineup. I want last year's more. Kitto Daijoubu + Zukkoke Otokomichi = hyper me. 

Okay, sorry for this, but I have to vent out my flailing..... XDDD


*breathes deeply* So, anyway, Angie tagged me and I decided to steal Sara's meme on her entry

about me and JE )
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So, [livejournal.com profile] deeya_ohmiya commented on my masterlist entry, and I uploaded the songs she requested.


Taiyou no Sekai - http://www.zshare.net/download/5342566138c284e1/
OK! ALL RIGHT! Koi wo Shiyou - http://www.zshare.net/download/5342586989c93a69/

Omg, I really can't follow Sho's rap in Taiyou no Sekai. Such a tongue twister for me. ._.

Anyway, I watched Arashi's SCP Stage report about their Asian tour - it lasted for like 20-25 mins, I think. It was a long report because they featured the four venues of the tour (Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul and Shanghai). There was an interview of the 5 guys and it seemed Sho just came from a taping of News Zero. XDDD I really dislike Jun's current hair - it really didn't suit his face's shape. :| :| I'd rather you go for the Domyouji style, yo.

Back to the report, Aiba's messing his MC on Mandarin is maximum kawaii!!! All in all, I was KYAA-ish on the whole report.

Oh I read on [livejournal.com profile] arashi_on, that on January's SCP (not the Jrs. Shokura), Arashi will be the guest. Yes, you read it right - the whole Arashi will be there. *twirls* And it will be aired on Jan 18, the day before my bday.

"Arashi on Shounen Club Premium
Seems like the guest for the next episode of Shounen Club Premium would be Arashi~ I'm quite surprised since it's usually an individual that goes on SCP? I hope sho and nino would still get to go on SCP individually though. But this time round, the whole of Arashi would be on SCP, probably talking about their formation. They would be performing as well."

source: arashi_on news

Okay, I shall upload more songs! Bye bye!

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I'm just too lazy to post for the past few days. -_-;;

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"I''ll go anywhere, I'll do anything
I'll be there 'cause you are the part of my life
I''ll go anywhere, I'll do anything
I'll be there for you."
---- Arashi's "Paretto"

So I guess, Ohno's scandal is starting to be a big thing ne.

The "weed" issue didn't have a big impact on me, the one that shocked me was about the threesome thing. It bothered me because it had pictures on it. Don't get me wrong, from my perspective, it looks like Ohno but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt at this time.

It's just crazy. Really crazy. Why do they have to put up a picture that was taken a long long time ago and publish it to media??? If they want to ruin Arashi, they could've done it years ago. But maybe, they shown it just this year because Arashi's career is in boom right now. Sheesh. Now I know that even crab mentality exists on Japanese entertainment.

What did Arashi do to these people to make them hate so much and post these kind of things? Come on, if they want to have a big amount of moolah in their hands, go and find an informing topic instead. Don't ruin other people's image. It's annoying.

I though Aiba's scandal before was the last one on Arashi. No pa pala. Aren't they satisfied that they almost ruined Arashi and made them a 4 member group only?? Maybe the are really people that will do everything they'd get to go to the top even if it means to hurt//ruin someone.

My Machan, [profile] ai_baka and Jamie-neechan texted me to go to a website to show some support on Ohno and Arashi. So, if you like your point of views to be read, go to this link:

Kotoba no Chikara ~ the Power of Words~

That site has the websites on where you can post how you'd like Arashi to be on their shows, products, etc.

Apparently, Ohno's AU's CM was not being aired because there's a lot of hate mail going to AU that they want him to be removed. >.<

I wonder what is Chinen doing and how he feels today now that there is a scandal on his ever-beloved senpai/idol. Poor Chii. I hope this bad storm will die soon. :) :)

Oh, and if you're still awake at 11 pm, play Love So Sweet in your players ne? :) Domo.
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Ok. Sorry for not posting. My pc's a bit crazy again. Im using my friend's pc to fan girl and catch up on things.

Oh well.

I watched Bubu's "My Ebyshing" again. And I was like.. "can I cry now?" kind of thing. But what made me want to cry and curse JE to death is because of HSJ's "Dreams Come True"  single. I was like my mind was really on set to buy the LE version of it. But heck, Daiki was on the RE cover. When I learned that, I was like ready to explode and maybe you can insert some curse words here and there. And yeah, Arashi's going to release a new single soon. My goodness gracious, my things-to-buy list for June is sure piling up. >.>

Tomorrow is Koyama's bday and it also marks my 2nd year of JE craziness. Oh yeah. Blame Jun for that. It's like I'm not happy or anything... :))
So.. we[Marchy, me, Marsky and Ysa.. i guess] are going to celebrate Yummy-chan..I mean, Yama-chan, Fukka and Koyama's bday. I guess Marchy will treat us to a cheese burger. Yay! XDDD

And [profile] marchechizen just gave me this shashin a while ago...

Kawaii ne??? I want to hug this chubby penguin and pinch his cheeks..... XDDD
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So longg.... so looooooong.

Ok. The 1st post since I've kind of abandoned my blog.


I haven't greeted Dai-chan here since Tuesday[wtf, Bea, you are a useless fan girl!] Oh wth, Belated Happy Birthday Daiki!!! XDDDD

So yeah... lots of things happened for the past months.

It's obvious that I like Arashi and Sho too much ne? Lol. That's like...

Bea = Arashi

Yeah, that's me. But heck, I like almost all of JE guys and I have my ichiban guys[as my Aibo/Daughter [profile] marchechizen puts it.]


STAY! Buwahahahahaahahaha!

STAY is a 4 member group of Johnny's wherein all of them are my ichiban idols.

STAY members:

Sho Sakurai [born, Jan 25, 1982 aka god like boy]
Taisuke Fujiwara [born June 25, 1987 aka Pudgygaea]
Arioka Daiki [born April 15, 1991 aka Penguin Gangster]
Yabu Kota [born Jan 31, 1990 aka Rain Dance boy]

And yeah, they have a name... it's Arisuke Shota! Nyayayaahahahahaha! I'm sooooo crazyyyy and demented! Lol.

Oh wth. I have too many ichibans. Yes, I'm polygamous... it's allowed on my fandom so if you don't like it, then beat it! -_-;;

And yes, I kind of remembered that I was tagged here... I'll just do it tomorrow ne? I'm too lazy. Gosh, it's like 1 1/2 months to go before I'm a college student. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Sho, tasukete, tasukete!

So yeah, I guess I will post more often here now. Comments are <333333.



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