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 Damn. Jonghyun is sick again. :( 

"5 members of SHINee were planning to perform the best stage for the debut in Japan, but JONGHYUN couldn’t participate in the LIVE Stage because of high fever. Thus SM staff decided to open the LIVE Stage with only 4 members. This decision is made for JONGHYUN’s health so we ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

Also relay of ‘SHINee JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION in LONDON’ in FACEBOOK SMTOWN will be postponed due to the situation. However, our staff will upload some parts of the LIVE Stage (video) as soon as possible (photos will be uploaded continuously).

We hope everyone can cheer JONGHYUN up and wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.
Thank you for reading and all your understanding.


source: SMTown FB page

Jjong, please get well soon. Get well soon not because of us, but because you're doing so for yourself. You've been straining yourself too much and it's making me hella worried. Somehow, I don't know what's really wrong - my friend pointed out once that there are celebrities who have even more hectic schedules than K-Pop idols and yet they don't get sick. I am really baffled about this though, she said it might be because of their diet but what whatever it is, I hope they can change it soon before all idols drop like dead flies. 

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