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Dear 종현,

Be grateful that I wrote this entry from my dead blog. LOL.

Anyway, you were the first one who caught my eye in SHINee which makes you my first SHINee bias! XD Although you're not my bias anymore, you still have a special place in my K-Pop heart. To be honest, as an idol, I am proud on how you are currently improving on your talents. I just hope that you'll rest more because your voice (ever since you had H1N1) is not the one that I fell in love before.

Speaking of love, I'm very happy that you got your ideal woman! Seriously, you've never stopped mentioning her since Hello Baby (which gave me unending amusement). You know what, when I first learned the news of you and SSK being together; I just laughed for no reason at all. Eventually, the laughter that I first had became tears when I saw the consequences of the confirmation - a lot of your fans turned away from you which broke my heart. I admit, I got broken-hearted with the news of you dating; but I never regretted the decision on staying with you because you're still the Kim Jonghyun that I once liked. And I don't know, maybe I got sad too because I was thinking what will happen on your friendship with Key. I know it's very mundane, but I just hope you two are okay.

I don't know how to end this but I just wish that you will always be happy and healthy (no more swine flu and injuries, please?). Also, don't forget that the whole SHINee World will always be behind you and you need not to apologize for us. :) I'm happy that I got to encounter you and SHINee in my life; I am happier with you guys around! I hope I can meet you and the boys again someday. :3


PS: On a side note, happy birthday to TRAX's Jay (stay healthy and happy)! And happy 3rd anniversary to Suju-M! :)


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