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I'm sorry guys, I'm too late for this, but whatever. School's started a while ago, it was not much, except that I got locked outside of my house because my unnie forgot that she both locked our glass door and steel grills while she was showering. I'm also kicking myself because I should've met with Jinni unnie instead of going straight home. D:

2009 had been a whirlwind year of sorts; it was full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, rainbows and darkness and other pair of antonyms that I can think of. Nevertheless, I had a blast on this year because I got to broaden my horizons and opened new perspectives.

Real life wise, I'm now on my 2nd year of college and it had been hella stressing for me, I don't know, I think it's an Atenean thing that 2nd year is the most difficult and stressing year especially if you're a management major like me. Accounting is the biggest obstacle for me, honestly. I never liked balancing stuff, I'd rather focus myself on studying on how to make something marketable and such, hence my chosen track is Marketing. This is also my 1st time I've had summer classes and looking back at it, my summer classes was fun and I even went to Vigan this year.

Nevertheless, this is "My Biggest Breakout Last Year":

I am now a SHINee fan and I like K-Pop now too.

Before, I was too absorbed in JE to delve deeper into K-Pop, but then these guys came and everything was history. I now appreciate K-Pop besides from Rain and occassional SuJu antics and I realized that K-Pop artists are worth trying to fangirl and yes, they didn't disappoint me especially SHINee with their immense amount of talent. They may not have the "in-your-face-humor" kind of personality which others immediately consider as bland, but meh they can't please everyone, can they? With SME on their side, I hope they will be taken care off properly because with the right marketing strategy and more training, these guys could take a big impact in K-Pop, I have faith in these guys, okay? XD

It also hit me that whenever I open doors to a new music industry, the 1st group that I fangirl will always be the one that I will stay the most. Like in Arashi, I've been liking them for 3 yrs straight and my love for them got stronger as I liked SHINee. It's weird, but yeah that's how it worked on me. Nevertheless, with opening and strenghtening some of my fandoms, I lost one fandom, and that's HSJ. I always say to myself, I will go back when they have a new single, but now that I heard Romeo and Juliet, I still didn't have the enthusiasm to go back with these guys. I don't know the reason, maybe it's YamaChii getting lots of attentions and/or some bratty newbies and "BNF wannabes" or maybe both. Whatever the reason/s, I decided I will just stay to SHINee World for now. :)

To all people I've met and/or become close with in 2009, especially to SHINee fans, I'm really thankful for meeting you guys and I'm sorry if I've come off as intimidating or scary to some. I hope we will all stay happy as a whole year of fangirling is ahead of us. Although in a few years from now, we might lose our liking to our idols, I wish that all of the things we've learned from fangirling will be carried on to the next phase of our lives. :)

To end this somehow a serious post (?), I give to you this fanart...

I forgot if Bianca was the one who linked us to this pic in Sbox, but w/e, I laughed at this pic.

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