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Yes, I'm LSS-ed over U-Kiss' Man Man Ha Ni. Key and Dongho's dancing to it is playing over and over in my head. XDDD

Credits: as tagged

It's ironic, the 2nd pic has its tag as "SpringKey" and yet, Minho was the one on it. XDDD

Before I rant on how hot you were when I saw you personally, I just want to greet this hyung whore/rapper/hot guy for now turning legal internationally. I hope the best for him and SHINee and I hope he passed his college entrance exam with flying colors.

I remember the time when Minho's "scandal" about his nosejob popped out and people were like ranting about it. Now, some people already forgiven him for doing such thing (albeit it's not confirmed, but fan pics don't lie). Funny thing, because for me, he looked better after the nose job.

Minho might not contribute too much performance wise and some deem him useless in their live performances, but I guess, in every group there has to be some kind the "face of the group", and for SHINee, Minho takes that role. In addition to that, remember what he said on me2day, that SHINee will shine the brightest if the 5 of them are together. And as a part of SHINee World, it's touching because you see them not work totally for their individual endeavors but they also take into consideration for their group.

Another thing that I like from him is his competitiveness. He just does not want to give up on something. However, sometimes, he is overdoing it, but it's funny and cute at the same time. :))

I apologize for this crappy bday post, I'm just in a rush right now. X_X I just hope Minho will see his fave J-Pop groups, Arashi and KAT-TUN someday. *shot
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