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Yes, the mega popular JE group is now officially a senpai. Uwee! *confetti* To add more to it, CDTV ranked them as the #1 artist that Japanese people would want to see live. THSK gained the 2nd place. What's sad to it is that some Cassies are bashing them and questioning why they are on the top while THSK is so much better.

The answer to these Cassies? (it might be long)

Arashi might not be the ever talented, hot, handsome guys that THSK is (I like both groups, btw). However, simply put it, Arashi has different charm towards the Japanese people.

3 pts:
1. Songs
2. Connection
3. Diversity

Arashi are musicians. It is noticeable that most of the songs in their whole discography leans on the bubblegum type: upbeat and fast which makes us dance or do whatever. Addition to that, if you've read the lyrics of their songs, it does not only talk about romantic love such as Wish, Love So Sweet and One Love. It also talk about other things: endless gratitude, such as on Kansha Kangeki Ame no Arashi, Hero and Subarashiki Sekai, moving forward such as on Sakura Sake and Step and Go and lastly on believing ourselves such as on A.Ra.Shi, Believe and We Can Make It. Albeit that most of their songs are not written by them, it is also important that they made the connection for the fans to get the message of their songs. Arguably for me, this is their biggest charm: CONNECTION.

Arashi's connection may be broken down to their fans, people they work with and to themselves. Concerts are a good example of their connection to the fans; the 5 of them run to the whole venue just to make sure that majority of fans had gone a good look on them even for a little time, they make them sing along and sometimes their MCs involve them such as the "wave" in their 2007 Time Tokyo Dome. For the people they work with, it is nice to note that whenever a person or staff that worked with them speaks highly on them. Arashi's staff on C no Arashi was the still same staff on D and G no Arashi and even to their first 24 Hr TV. Fellow senpai groups love them - SMAP and TOKIO speaks nicely towards them and nowadays, the Johnny Jrs are starting to idolize them one by one. As for themselves, well they really made a great change on their relationship. They were not really close and they're very different due to social status and personalities, but for some beautiful twist of fate, they were able to gel together. Albeit fate is a reason, for me, I mainly point it that they became closer because of their initiative. They know with themselves that they have a lot of work to do and they took a step forward - they talked on their hopes and dreams for the groups and eventually got closer up to until now.

Lastly, I think Arashi's heterogenous nature is also a big factor for their success. Most JE groups target for the teen-age and young adults audience, but Arashi has wider audience - from young kids up to the obaasans, they are present for supporting them. Yes, many guys are into them too. And I  guess, Arashi offers something to everyone. If you're into dramas, Nino, Ohno and Jun are the guys to look for. If you like visual arts, you can check out Ohno's works. If you're into the serious topics such as politics, business and economics, Sho is you're go-to-guy. Lastly if you like hilarity and animals, just look for Aiba and he will be there to satisfy your furry and fun needs. XDDD

I can not encompass everything about them but to give you a background, Arashi had the ability to draw all the emotions that can exist on me, from sadness, frustration, disappointment, but mostly they give me hope and happiness that I need.

To end this long blab, this is their performance of Subarashiki Sekai on 2008 Kokuritsu (yes it made me cry) D: .

credits to 545zus@YT

Comments are much appreciated. :)
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