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So yes, K-Poppppppppppppp~! I so wish that SHINee will debut on Japan someday. It's not for HSJ to have competition; I'm just curious if they can go well together with Japanese better than DBSK. Honestly, DBSK is doing well in Japan, but for me, they're still isolated. It's like they don't interact much on the other artists that don't belong in SM Japan, which makes me sad. I don't know, I might be wrong on this. DX


When the clock strikes 11 pm here, it will be Kim Jonghyun's bday on Korea. He's now 19 (20 in Korea). Gosh, he's so old. *whacks* And yes, the playlist here is the way on how I can show to you how great his God-given voice is. *dies*

*gets ressurrected by a SHINee picture* Let's go back. Yes, I now present to you, the birthday boy.

Yes ladies on my f-list, you can drool on him, because I do that too. XDDD Oh and his birthday is special to me because he's the firs SHINee boy to celebrate his bday ever since I've come to like them. XDDD

Name: Kim Jonghyun
Nickname: Bling Bling
DOB: April 8, 1990
Age: 19 (20 for Korea)
Height: 173 cm (he's the shortest on SHINee)
Blood Type: AB (same as mine! *whacked*)
Family: Parents, sister
Hobby/Interest: Watching movies, Popping (dance), Lyrics, Piano, Mandarin
Appearances: Zhang Li Yin's 交錯的愛 (Wrongly Given Love)

Kim Jonghyun is the main vocalist of SHINee. If you listen to their songs,he's usually the one who sings the first and last lines. Also, if you hear some "belt" parts, he's probably that one. He can also speak Mandarin and sing English songs. Some of the songs that he covered were Incomplete by Sisqo, Ne-Yo's So Sick and Because of You. Oh and his Ne-Yo's covers were accompanied by Lee Jinki aka Onew.

Personally, everytime I look on SHINee pictures, at first sight, Jonghyun is the manliest and hottest among the 5. All of them possess this "Hey, I'm hot and I know it" aura but for me, the one on Bling's the strongest. Other than to-die-for physical attributes, I am TOTALLY enamored by his voice. The first time I've heard his Incomplete rendition, I was dumbfounded. I haven't heard of a guy sang like that for a long time and frankly, I remember saying that if he sang it in front of me, I won't be able to speak. With his ever good voice, he's also the type of singer that performs "very clean". As of now, I never heard him out-of-tune during their live performances. Also, during the Yunhanam's 6th episode, he's voted by Key and the others as the guy who is most likelyt to take care of girls. *insert sappy moment here* AWWWW~

BUT BUT BUT... I'm really not into perfect guys, so there are his imperfections. Firstly, he's bad at sports especially those that involve balls. 


Another weakness, he's not good at gymnastics. Don't worry, I'm not too.

He can't wash rice that he has to drag Key to help him.

Key and Bling Bling can be called the partners-in-crime as they're both very loud and hyper. They love to sing in karaoke and imitating Wonder Girls and SNSD in their songs.

... and another...

He keeps 2 wallets on his bag and he has a notebook full of his compositions inside it.

During his date in Yunhanam, he said that he dislike wearing headbands. AWWW~ But it looks cute on you. *runs*

And to end this more pictures! Beware, they can be both hot and cute!

Aaaaahhhh. My neck fetish is going haywire again. X_X

Is his tongue or neck sexier? IDK too.

He's fond of doing this, seriously. T_T

Acting cute, huh? You look like a puppy. *dies*

Puffing your cheeks will make you a hot kid. XDD

Where's my Mrs. Lee to see this? WEEE~!

If you want to know more this SHINee Bling Bling guy, his monologue can be your start.

Before I really end this, my final message:
생일 축하합니다, 김종형

PS: Oh and kudos to everyone who uploaded the pictures, music and videos I used here. Thank you very much! SFI people rocks. :)
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