Mar. 15th, 2009

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Uh... hello? Long time not posting here. T_T Sorry about that. XDDD

Yes, I'm liking K-Pop bands like DBSK (I liked them a long time ago), Big Bang and recently SHINee. Well, K-Pop has a different league than J-Pop but I love J-Pop better.

Moving on...

Yesterday was White Day in Japan and I wonder how the JE boys celebrated it? I mean, I can't imagine them giving giri-choco to the fangirls and even they gave one hon-mei chocolate (the one you give to that "special" someone), wouldn't it create a ruckus if Japanese media found out about it? Ahhh... I shall stop talking about this. X)

Okay, you might be wondering why there is a Daiki picture here? So anyway, today is March 15 and it marks my countdown of Daiki's 18th bday. And for every day, I shall post a picture and a reason why I like him. :)) This will be the 1st picture and 1st reason

1st Reason: He looks like a penguin.

As conceited my first reason is, I really like penguins even before I know Daiki and with him saying he thinks his past life was a penguin, it made me like penguins more. Don't you think they're cute the fact that they can't fly? :))


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