Jan. 25th, 2009

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Whether you will believe me or not about my title, it's up to you. XDDD That's just my own opinion. :)


No really, is he 27?? I can't believe it. >.<

I'm intending to do the picspam but because time is not on my side (I still have a vid pending for Lit class) and Penguin-chan made this, might as well, I shall link you there.
Oh and belated happy bday to [livejournal.com profile] sugardrizzle . Sorry for the late greeting.

What shall I write? I dunno too. Maybe something about Sho love. XDDD

Sho's my longest ichiban in Johnny's. Well maybe around 2 1/2 years. He's just too complex for me to handle. Like I said, I see myself on him. He's like the male ver of my personality (and abilities, so to speak). We both can't draw, bad at sports, baka, laughs loudly, likes kids, etc.

I seriously consider him as "one of my oniichan". But isn't it weird for loving your oniichan in another way? IDK, it looks like Boku Imou in that way. XDDD

The one thing that I can really relate on him is how we both value education very much. You see, Sho was the one who started the "university boom" in JE. If it wasn't for him, the stigma of inability-of-idols-to-graduate still exists.

"But if you asked me if I was a Johnny's Jr or a student, I was definitely a student. . A month before exams, I'd always take a hiatus from work. That was something I decided myself. I could have never imagined prioritizing Johnny's Jr over school. To me, being a Junior was an extracurricular that I could continue only if I was attending school and getting good grades. And if I lost my place in the Jrs because of it, then that wasn't something that could be helped. "

credits to: Mikan

I don't know. I'm just amazed on how he holds on to his principles very well. If there's someone in JE that I really have the utmost respect besides from SMAP members, that's got to be Sho.

And I still like him. Though Daiki's there too. No one can change that. Though I don't fangirl much on him, it doesn't mean that I don't like him. The amount of flailing and fangirling doesn't measure someone's love for his/her idol. As long as I know to myself that I love and feel his presence, there's no individual, not even one can say to me in my face that I don't like Sho. That's not how my Sho love works, I'm sorry. :)

I can rant more about my love on him, but I shall end here with his first Popolo appearance:

PS: stole this little meme from [livejournal.com profile] karmoisin .

"Comment and tell me a word you associate me with. Can be as many as you like, just words that automatically make you think of me. Then repost this in your own journal so I can do the same for you."


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